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Friends of the Fuzzywumpus


Bella Butterfly
Bella loves flowers in bright colors and she loves things that change! Bella is a bit forgetful and flighty, but she is always a loyal friend.


Bingo Bee
Bingo is a busy fellow, and is friends with all who live in the forest and the meadow. His best friend is Bella Butterfly and they often play in the meadow together.


El Aleteo
the Bluebird

El Aleteo loves the open meadow where he can show off his bodacious wing span. He loves to flash his blue feathers at you as he races past!
El Aleteo lives in the very tallest trees. 


Whodini Owl
Whodini is a messy eater, but he loves baths, so that's good! Whodini needs a lot of room for flying. He loves to fly and hoot loudly all night and he uses sonar to find his way in the dark. Do you know what sonar is?

mr & mrs cardinal.jpeg

Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal

Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal go everywhere together! Mr. Cardinal spends much of his time feeding Mrs. Cardinal and their babies. Mrs Cardinal builds their house, and eats the treats Mr. Cardinal brings to her. The Cardinals' house is hidden in a small tree. 


Ladybug Fifi
Ladybug Fifi lives in a cozy mushroom house, inside a colorful flower and mushroom garden. Fifi stays very busy caring for her flowers and watching her babies eat mushrooms!

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Winky Firefly

Winky Firefly lives at the edge of Cherry Grove. Like all fireflies, Winky is a homebody and does not enjoy traveling. Winky sleeps under a leaf outside the Fuzzywumpus tree. 


Mr. Marvelous, the Crow

Unlike his tidy family, Mr. Marvelous enjoys collecting  odds and ends. He keeps his prizes in his nest, high in the treetops. Mr. Marvelous has a very large family and enjoys giving gifts to his friends.

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