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A Day With Fuzzywumpus

Fuzzywumpus Tree.jpeg

The Fuzzywumpus House

Fuzzywumpus lives inside a cherry tree in Cherry Grove. Can you find the door to his house? 

Winky Firefly

Winky loves sharing treats with the Fuzzywumpus. His favorite food is fresh cherry which he eats whole. Yum!! His friend, Winky, sips cherry juice through a flower stem straw. 

Wildflower_Meadow_with Fireflies.jpeg

The Meadow

Fuzzywumpus and Winky often play together in the meadow. Can you find some fireflies blinking in the flowers?

The Forest Road

Even though Fuzzywumpus has learned to fly, he still enjoys taking a nice walk. He loves the little things he finds along the way! Fuzzywumpus enjoys walking down the road near his house to visit his good friends, Fifi and Mr. Marvelous.


Mr. Marvelous

Fuzzywumpus chats with Mr. Marvelous who invites him to see his house! Mr. Marvelous likes to collect things. It's fun to share his collection with a friend!

The Nest! 

Fuzzywumpus is very good at climbing trees and scrambles all the way to the top to see the treasures of Mr. Marvelous. Can you name some of his special treasures?


Mushroom Forest

Mr. Fuzzywumpus decides to visit the mushroom forest to see his friend, Fifi.  Now he just needs to find her in her garden!

Fifi's Garden

Fifi is busy with her flowers but when she sees her friend, the Fuzzywumpus, she hurries to greet him. They have a very nice visit!  


Fuzzywumpus Flies Home

After visiting his friends, Fuzzywumpus flies home, high above the treetops. The stars sparkle in the night and he loves feeling the breeze on his face!

Winky's Bedtime

Fuzzywumpus's friend, Winky, sleeps under a leaf beside the door to Fuzzy's house. Shhhhh!!!! He tiptoes past so he doesn't wake her.



It's time for Fuzzywumpus to go inside his own house and go to sleep. There will be more adventures tomorrow. For now, he whispers, "Goodnight!"

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