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The lovable Fuzzywumpus is inspiring for all who have stars in their eyes and big dreams in their hearts.  Bound in hardcover, and presented in light hearted rhyme, every page of the Flying Fuzzywumpus is  filled with vibrant color. 


Written and illustrated by award winning artist, Laurie Nelson.

For ages 2-7

Inspiring for grownups of all ages



Mr. Fuzzvwumpus lives in Cherry Grove, where he longs to fly.  His friends soar to the clouds so easily, but it seems Fuzzy's wings are too tiny! Although Fuzzywumpus feels lonely and left behind, he never gives up. He keeps working to make his tiny wings fly.


Through his quest, Mr Fuzzywumpus discovers the power of joy,  perseverance and friendship.  With the loving support of his Cherry Grove friends,  he also finds the sky! 

The Flying Fuzzywumpus

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