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The Flying Fuzzywumpus Store

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The Flying Fuzzywumpus is inspiring for all who have stars in their eyes and big dreams in their hearts.  Bound in hardcover, and presented in light hearted rhyme, every page of this sweet story is  filled with vibrant color. 


The Flying Fuzzywumpus!

Written and illustrated by Laurie Nelson

For ages 2-7

Inspiring for grownups of all ages



Mr. Fuzzvwumpus lives in Cherry Grove, where everyone knows how to fly except for the lovable Fuzzywumpus. Are his wings just too small? Although Fuzzywumpus feels lonely and left behind, he never gives up. He keeps working to make his tiny wings fly.


Through his quest, Mr Fuzzywumpus discovers the power of joy,  perseverance and friendship.  With the loving support of his Cherry Grove friends,  he also finds the sky! 


About the Author

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Laurie Nelson is a native of Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington DC, where she is both a voice teacher and an award-winning oil painter. Laurie has been a roller skater, professional opera singer, recording artist and a stage director. Other passions may come and go, but she will always be an organic gardener and a cat whisperer.

Want to know more? Okey doke! Laurie is a bit of a snob about great pianists, guitarists, organic red wines, and she is an avowed night owl. She adores sleeping in, and suspects early wake up calls are a plot for world domination by morning larks. Laurie does much of her creating at night or on rainy afternoons, in the company of Siberian kitties.



For any media inquiries, please contact NM Productions and ask for the author.

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